ACE & Trauma







Adverse Childhood Experience & Trauma Workshops

We run workshops for anyone working or personally dealing with the effects of adverse childhood experiences or trauma. We define what trauma is and look at some of its effects as well as considering how to develop strategies which build resilience whether in life or in the counselling room. 



“Very clear – practical and not just all dry theory”
“Calm, undramatic and full of common sense”
–Training Feedback from Participants

Saorsa Training

We offer day workshops for churches and other faith based organisations which introduce the basics of inner healing. The workshops are delivered through teaching, demonstrations and practical sessions. We also include some psycho-education into this training and teach a bit on where the roots of some of the common issues come from.

These would be particularly helpful for those who serve on ministry or pastoral teams within the local church but is equally relevant simply for those interested in what spiritual healing looks like from a Christian perspective.

We recently hosted a Saorsa Introduction to Inner Healing training day which was attended by over 50 people from several churches. The teaching deeply impacted us and was presented with wisdom, integrity, insight and gentleness, enabling people at different stages on the journey to gain much from the day. The course covered the essentials but also took us to new depths of understanding of God’s ways of healing the soul. I would highly recommend this ministry as one that brings a key building block in raising up the foundations for the church and the harvest.”

 -Steven Anderson, Congregational Leader, Whiteinch Church of Scotland

Bespoke Training

We offer training for any organisation which wants to improve their understanding of emotional health and wellbeing. This training can be tailor made to suit your particular requirements. We offer faith based and non faith based training. Below is a selection of the training we offer:


Training for Organisations

We can work with you to create a package of training to help your employees better understand their triggers and stresses. A better understanding leads to an abiilty to manage reactions more positively and so reduces anxiety and increases performance capability.

Training for Children's Workers

We offer training for anyone working with children who wants to better understand how the behaviour of children can be affected by their external circumstances. We look at both theory and practical exercises which can help to ground and stabilise children (and the adults around them!) This training is suitable for teachers, children’s workers, social workers etc. We can also help you to think through how you can create trauma friendly environments in which children can flourish.

Training for Churches and Faith Based Organisations

Whether you want to think through how to best support people in a pastoral setting, are looking to learn new skills to pray with people or you want to think about setting up your own inner healing team, we can help! Tell us what you need and we will build a training package to suit you.