Healing for the Heart

Affordable counselling, spiritual healing and training to help people and organisations to improve their emotional health.

Kairos Counselling

Providing a safe space to help you process life issues one-to-one with a highly trained counsellor.

Good Mental Health in Business

Our Business Partnerships are designed to help you look after your workforce.

Saorsa Inner Healing

We offer spiritual healing sessions for all . The word Saorsa is taken from the Scottish Gaelic meaning freedom, salvation, redemption and liberty!

Made for More

Made for More is Healing for the Heart’s supported volunteer programme which is designed to take individuals on a journey towards positive change by encouraging personal and learning goals that support empowerment

Trauma & A.C.E. Workshops

We run workshops for anyone working or personally dealing with the effects of adverse childhood experiences or trauma. We define what trauma is and look at some of its effects as well as considering how to develop strategies which build resilience whether in life or in the counselling room.

Massage Therapy

We offer 40 minute low cost therapeutic massage sessions, which are especially useful as part of out clients’ journey to wholeness..

Counselling & Inner Healing

Our organisation was birthed out a belief that everyone can be helped.  We understand that not everyone is the same and so our therapies encompass mind, soul, spirit and body.

Get Involved

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We offer bespoke and regular training for individuals, organisations or other groups.  We specialise in trauma and adverse childhood experience training.  We also offer student placements and supervision for counsellors.

Shona Stirling,  CEO, talks about 

Healing for the Heart

Alan McWilliam, Director of Forge Europe

“Often people get stuck in life, held back by fear or past hurts or confusion about how to move forward. Healing for the Heart helps to ‘unstick’ people so that they can live life in all its fullness. They help people overcome fear, move beyond hurts and create clarity about how to live. “



Saorsa Inner Healing


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Massage Therapy



Mondays 6 -8 pm