Online Retreat Day

The retreat is divided into four sections. For the best experience we recommend that you watch at least one video in one section before moving on to the next. 


For something to need to be restored, it has to have been lost or changed significantly so it’s no longer like it was before.

There are lots of things which change in us over time – our likes and dislikes can change, our focus can shift, we can start and stop relationships. None of these things are necessarily bad but could it be that, in this time, God wants to speak to you about what was that is no longer?

Perhaps He wants to remind you of the dreams, talents, longings that He placed inside of you which have become buried over the years. What has buried these things and how might God be calling you closer to Him in order to bring restoration?

In this section, we’re going to start consider the things in our life which God might want to begin the restoration process on today. 


Sometimes it’s easier to define a word by thinking about what it’s not! Open is clearly not closed! What does it look like, knowing that God promises restoration, to be open to connecting with Him? What does it feel like to give Him access to the deepest parts of my life and, if I do, what’s He going to do with that?

So often, when we’ve made ourselves vulnerable with other people and got hurt in the process, we close down to everyone including God. Much of our healing on the inside is allowing God to minister to those parts of us that we’ve shut down and hidden away. Sometimes, shame has then put a whole other layer over those buried parts of ourselves and we’ve planted a huge ‘Keep Out’ sign limiting any access by anyone.

What steps might you take today to start to dismantle the ‘Keep Out’ sign and allow God to come even one step closer to the places that until now, you’ve wanted to keep hidden?


What ways does God give us to help us to awaken ourselves to new possibilities?

God is in the business of personal growth! He wants us to become more like Jesus and He wants to share His heart with us. 

God wants to awaken in you those places which He wants to restore and also those places He wants to release. In this section, we’ll explore both. With content, exereices and meditations you’ll be able to invite God to come and release whatever has been stirring in your soul today. 


The dictionary defines ‘response’ as an answer or a reply either in words or action’.

What’s God been saying to you as you’ve journeyed through this retreat day? How are you going to respond to that?

You have choices in that. You can do something now; wait and do something later or not do anything at all. None of those are necessarily wrong choices, they are all just responses to what God has stirred in you today.

How do you discern what it is that God is asking you to do? What creative ways might you use to put a ‘marker in the ground’ today so that you will remember what has happened?

As we end our time of retreat together, this section will give you the opportunity to make a response to all that you’ve heard or felt both in the retreat itself or in the days and weeks around it.