How do you feel about being truly open with God?

What keeps us from coming to Him in our own skin?

What would it feel like to bring our whole selves to God? How would that deepen the relationship?

God wants to welcome you as you! Take time in this section to explore which parts of you keep from God. Let Him gently encourage those parts of you to come to Him and to find new depth of relationship.

God is inviting us to get real with Him. Melanie Gibson helps us to think through what that means and how it feels to cultivate intimacy with Him. With a balance of invitation and challenge, she’ll help you take the next step.  

What is the purpose of lament in helping us to move forward on the journey of healing? Shirley reflects on some powerful laments in Scripture and helps us to see how this discipline can create a new depth of openness and draw us closer to God. 

How does God’s acceptance of me and my acceptance of myself sit together? What does it look and feel like to really be who I am? Richard Johnston helps us to explore these themes and how they impact us. 

Use this mindfulness meditation after listening to Richard Johston’s input.