We recognise that, whilst there is a threat to our physical health with the current pandemic situation, there are also challenges for our mental health. As a trauma informed service, we know that many people who had pre-existing mental health issues are finding those compounded by the additional stress of this time. We also know that, once this crisis is over, many other people will need support to process what they’ve seen and experienced.


Like many other charities, we have changed how we deliver our services in response to the social distancing advice during the Covid19 crisis. We will try to continue to update this page as things change. Please keep checking back to see what we’re offering and how to engage with whatever you need.



Our counselling service is still open and appointments are available online. For more information or to make an appointment please email or call us. We will review the delivery of our appointments again in April 2021, until then, we continue to operate online. 


Art therapy for young people is also available via online appointments. Because we are working completely online, we are able to work with young people aged 10 and over. Please email or call us for an appointment. 

We have various online groups which also encourage positive mental health. Please contact us for more details.


In line with Scottish Government Guidelines, we are offering, in person, only those services which cannot be delivered online and which, if stopped, would severely impact the mental health of those involved. Where services are delivered in person, we have a robust risk management strategy in place and all procedures are fully compliant with Scottish Government guidelines. 




(Updated 1st January 2021)

Counselling Service

  • All face to face sessions now moved to online using Zoom or telephone
  • Clients who were already engaging with counselling are now recieving online sessions if they want them.
  • In the next two weeks we will be contacting those currently on our waiting list to offer online sessions.
  • Once we’ve allocated appointments to our waiting list we will then begin to assess new clients.


  • Our volunteers are now connecting online or by phone.
  • We are exploring new, innovative ways for them to volunteer in the community.
  • A series of connecting spaces across the week, offer a variety of options including self care and therapeutic art. 
  • We’ve been able to provide mobile phones and internet access to those who didn’t already have this. 



The Big Conversation

  • We’ve launched our new online coffee morning, once a week, on a Wednesday at 11am.
  • A time to meet up with other people from all over the country to chat around a particular theme.
  • We’ve looked at gratitude, joy and music so far and over the next weeks will be thinking about routines, hope and fun.
  • The Zoom link goes on our Facebook page so make sure you follow us.