What is God beginning to stir in you?

What is the sound that you were born to make?

What new ways might God be inviting you to explore to discover new depths in Him?

What creative ways might God be offering you to help you to move forward?

This section has a variety of different options to help you try something new. Try one or try them all! 

What does it mean to be creative? What is creativity? Do I have any? Is God interested in it?

Scott Brennan helps us to think through our creativity and what God might be stirring in us. 

Join Rachel Dhillon as she guides us through a framework of lament to help us to get real with God. 

What is holding you back? Sometimes, we don’t even realise that we are built for more that we are currently experiencing!

Using art and visual inspiration, Deborah Chestnutt will help awaken you to where you’re stuck and help you to ‘shake off your dust’.  

Resources to help you connect with God

We hope that some of these resources will help you to deepen your connection with God. Feel free to use them in this section or come back and visit the, again!

The Garden: Guided Imagery

Soaking Music

The soaking music featured here is part of a new project by an amazing young musician. If you like it then take a look at his other tracks.