Meet the Team

Healing for the Heart has a team of dedicated staff and volunteers who work hard to make Saorsa, Caladh and Kairos run as smoothly as possible. We have a staff team of three who have various responsibilites within the project.

Shona Stirling

Shona is both the Founder and Lead for Healing for the Heart. With more than 10 years experience in inner healing ministry, as well as an extensive knowledge within the area of emotional health and well being, she provides much of the training we offer. She is a gifted and effective communicator and trainer, who teaches with wisdom, intergrity, insight and gentleness. Shona is also an experienced counsellor, with a particular interest in working with trauma using a resource based approach.

Deborah Wilson

Deborah is the Development Worker for Healing for the Heart, responsible for the recruitment, training and development of the volunteers, as well as having input into the vision, strategy and development of Healing for the Heart. She is one of the Team Leads for Saorsa sessions and has a considerable amount of experience within inner healing.

Jodi Duncan

Jodi is the Clinical Manager for Kairos Counselling. As a skilled administrator and manager, with an eye for detail, she ensures the counselling service runs smoothly and efficiently. She also brings to Healing for the Heart as a whole, her years of invaluable knowledge and experience in project management and management of teams, with both staff and volunteers alike. In addition to managing the service, she holds her own case load of clients, where she uses an Integrative Counselling Model.